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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a table?

No, I bring my own.


How much space do you need to perform?

For a stand-up show, I require at least an 8 ft X 8 ft space for myself, my volunteers and props. Additional space is required for the audience. For groups of 100 or more, a stage or platform is recommended.

Is your show appropriate for my audience?


I do different shows for different audiences. Click on the Shows Tab to see which show is appropriate for YOUR audience.   


Do you have a guarantee?

I personally guarantee all of my work. Simply, If you are not 100% satisfied with my show, you don't pay.


What forms of payment do you except?

Cash or check made out to "Jason Abbott" at the conclusion of the show


What type of events do you do?

I do lots of different types of events including: Company Picnics, Trade Shows, Sales Meetings, Banquets, School Assemblies, Libraries, Festivals, Blue and Gold Banquets, Communion parties, Restaurants, and even Children's Birthdays.

What type of magician are you?


I am a comedy magician that focuses on situational comedy with members of the audience.

Do you need a stage to perform?


No, but for groups of 100 or more, one is recommended.

Do we need to provide a PA system?

No, you need to provide power. I bring my own PA.  It is good for groups up to 500 people. 

Can you entertain while people are eating?

Although I occasionally perform while guests are eating, it is distracting and does not let the audience fully enjoy their food or the magic show.  Walk-around magic is usually more appropriate in this type of situation than a stand-up show.  

Can you entertain people that don't speak English?


Many companies have whole divisions that don't speak English.  I am an expert at sleight of hand type magic and although they may not get all the jokes, the magic is emphasized and they will be amazed.  Walk-around magic is best for this situation.

How big of an audience can you perform for?

I have performed for groups of 1 to 1,000 people and am comfortable with everything in between.

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